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ThopTV Pro APK Review 

Before going on Thoptv PRO APK let’s get info about its origin. As we all know this is the age of online activities, everything is online, whether shopping, gaming, and online streaming.

When it comes to online streaming, the trend is growing exponentially, as we see our daily routine increase, our busy schedule allows us to sit and spend time with our loved ones. Yes, it is not available, due to which we are limited to our work and get away from extracurricular activities.

So to get ourselves out of this busy schedule, or to think that we need some means of entertaining ourselves a little bit, we need to get out of this quagmire for a while, for which we have given you Apps that you can use from anywhere on your Android smartphone and enjoy your favorite shows, drama’s, movies or ThopLive TV.

By the way, there are countless other live streaming apk apps available in the market but we have brought you one of the best live tv apps that you can get for free from our website, proapkmode also gives you other live streaming apk apps.

What is thoptv pro apk app?

ThopTV Pro APK  app live streaming apk app is a very good and user-friendly app that everyone can use, but this live streaming app has been developed for specific Asians, for example, India, Bangladesh Pakistan, etc. Enjoy this live tv.

And nowadays you all know that ICC t20 world cup is going on and everyone wants to see their favorite team or player playing, and not miss any t20 world cup match, and as we have mentioned that not everyone can take time out of their busy schedule and go to a specific place to watch matches, so,

Obviously, they need some other means by which they can continue their work and also enjoy their favorite channel and live shows. So, ThopTV APK live streaming apk app is going to be very useful for you, this live app gives you access to all the channels that are available to you on normal local tv. ThopTV APK will be with you wherever you want, just take out your mobile and get live tv in your hand.

The ThopTV APK live streaming apk app gives you access to over a thousand local and international television channels. However, most of these channels are exclusively for Asia. ThopTV APK provides you with live ThopLive TV, dramas, comedy shows, movies, cartoons, religious programs, etc.

Of course, this is an IPTV app for which you just need to have an internet facility, the rest of this tv app does not require any fee or subscription, you can use this live tv app absolutely free.

This IPTV app gives you a platform where you can watch tv channels from different parts of the world for free. An app in this app not only watches live telecasts but also telecast recorded shows and other movies and drama series.

The biggest feature of this app is that it gives you dozens of types of channel categories where you can watch your favorite tv shows, movies, sports channels, etc. without any hassle.

This app supports all your android devices, it works like a pocket video player. That is, you can access all these channels on your smartphone without any external device, external cable, etc. All the channels here are available for free. You do not need to make any monthly payments.

Movies and television series are very popular in Asia. In particular, people in India watch Bollywood movies a lot. Due to the population of India, even a show or a movie gains popularity in a day. That is why in this app also many channels of Indian movie lovers have been provided which number more than 600.

Record your favorite video

Thobtv apk mod also allows you to record your favorite movie, film, drama, sport, or another comedy video on your smartphone. This feature gives you very few tv apps. And the apps that provide this service are paid version apps. To watch TV on these apps you have to subscribe monthly or annually, then you can access those channels. But Thobtv apk mod gives you access to all online tv channels absolutely free.

Download favorite movie scenes, funny clips, and other videos

This app gives you the option of downloading which allows you to easily download your favorite movie, film or other videos.
There is a search bar in this app. Here you can search any channel. This makes it easier for you to find your favorite channel. This not only saves your time but also allows you to quickly watch the broadcasts of the respective channels.

Actual time tv channels

This amazing feature-packed IPTV APK app gives you access to over three thousand channels. These include movies channel, music channels, drama series, comedy channels, best sports channels, live news streams, and countless other channels. In addition, channels in their respective languages ​​are available for different regions.
Also one of the most important features is that this app provides the facility of subtitles with the help of which you can watch the channel of any region.

Abundance of movies

As we mentioned in the paragraph above, the people of India love to watch movies. Due to this, they prefer India. Because its 1.5 billion population is capable of popularizing anything in a matter of seconds.

Thobtv apk mod also provides a giant movie library for Indian movie lovers, where you can watch innumerable types of movies and tv shows. This library is not only full of Bollywood movies but also here you can find Hollywood Best movies, latest movies, top trending movies, and other most popular movies and series.

Legit free streaming

As you know, the most popular TV or movie apps like Netflix and amazon prime cost thousands of rupees. Monthly or annual subscriptions are required to access the channels in these apps. But Thobtv apk mod gives you all the same premium channels for free.
You do not need any registration or subscription to get this app. You can download this app for free from our website proapkmode.


This app gives you innumerable genres. These include Action, War, Crime, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Sports, and countless other genres.

List your favorite channels

This app gives you the option of the favorite list where you can bookmark any favorite channel or put a favorite tag. Or if for some reason you can’t watch the related program, you can save this channel for later. This makes it easier for you to access that channel.

Stream live tv channels in HD

Live streaming tv apps you may have seen countless, but Thobtv apk mod is one of those online streaming tv apps which provides high-definition quality graphics videos. You can watch your favorite live sports channels or movies in full HD.

IPL 2022 thoptv live

As you all know, ipl matches are happening nowadays. ipl matches are watched all over the world, this event is loved all over the world as well as India. The atmosphere here is very exciting and wonderful. The ipl is eagerly awaited by us, and when the ipl festival starts, everyone is attracted to it.

Thobtv apk mod provides a great platform for IPL lovers where they can not only watch all the live matches of ipl but also the latest and updated schedule of ipl.

Features of ThopTV Pro APK Latest version 2022

We usually use a cable or dish antenna to watch traditional television, and spend a considerable amount of money to get these things, after which we get to the point where we can watch a channel.

Or, you have to subscribe online after which we get access to our favorite channel, but THOPTV APK does not charge you any extra fees or charges, you can use this app on your smartphones without any hassle.

Let’s take a detailed look at the full features of THOPTV APK. The features of THOPTV APK are as follows:

Live TV: THOPLIVE TV offers you more than a thousand channels. Most channels are specific to ASEAN countries, ie, Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, and some channels include the US.

All Genres: THOPTV APK includes tv channels ThopLive TV, movies, dramas, kid shows, cartoons, religious channels, songs, reality shows, news, educational channels, and countless other channels.

Ratio: If you are tired and want to rest for a while, THOPTV APK also gives you the facility of ratio, in which, you will get to listen to Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, English, and local programs, etc., and you can also order your favorite songs in the live program, and have fun.

Live Sport: Obviously, if tv doesn’t provide you with a ThopLive TV channel, who can it be. ThopTV APK gives you access to all the support channels, you can easily watch your favorite game. Especially the people of Asia have the advantage that they can watch the t20 World Cup live on their phones.

Tv shows: Similarly, tv shows are also an important component, ThopLive TV gives you access to all local and non-local reality shows. You can also enjoy your favorite shows, i.e. comedy shows, shows like Kapil Sharma.

Movies: In addition, it also gives you access to movies and films. You can watch any movie you want, whether it is in Urdu, Hindi, or South India. Watch any movie without any difficulty.

Kid: It’s impossible for kids not to have a TV channel, so the THOPTV APK apk app also provides countless kids channels for your kids, including cartoon channels, shows based on poem songs, and more.

Other Features of ThopTV Pro APK Mod


  • The home page provides you with a complete list of video content.
  • Genre: Crime, War, Adventure, biography, etc.
  • Search by County: Amazon prime video, Netflix, Disney + HBO, and many more.
  • Explore by latest movies.
  • Explore by latest Tv series, drama, etc.


In this second category, you have been provided channels and videos related to more than a thousand movies.

  • In which,
  • Hollywood movie
  • Bollywood movies
  • South Indian
  • Punjabi movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Latest movies
  • Trending movies
  • Old movies
  • HD movie
  • And many more


In this third option, you are given a list of live streaming channels. Where you have all the live matches and news-related channels available.

  • This app provides over 3000 different international television channels.
  • Here you have channels available in Urdu, English, Hindi, Bengali, and countless other languages.
  • In this category, you can see live sports channels, live news, and live reality shows.
  • In the sports category, you can watch a live cricket match, live football games, live snooker, and countless other sports channels.


If you are a fan of drama series or web series then this app is the best choice for you. Here is a list of all the latest and best series. Such as, money heist, what if, games of thrones, Loki, cartel, Mirza pur, and hundreds of such series are available here.


The last option in this app is a list of all the channels that you have added to your favorites list. So, this is a complete app where you are provided with amazing features. These features are rarely seen in any free app. So don’t miss this opportunity and download it now and install it on your Android smartphone.

This app is not only made for Android users but also iOS versions and PC versions of this app are available. Visit the official website of this app to get these versions.

Benefits of thobtv pro

  • Customer support
  • Enjoyable for all
  • Free to download & use
  • Functional on Android devices
  • HD streaming
  • Inbuilt media players
  • Latest version
  • Lightweight app
  • No regular subscriptions
  • Plenty of video content
  • Radio channels
  • Several categories
  • Smart search option
  • Subtitles available
  • Supports CAST
  • User-friendly

Other benefits of THOPTV APK:

  • Enjoy all the most popular shows
  • Check out new movies.
  • Favorite channel access.
  • Access to all premium features.
  • Can watch countless channels.
  • VPN is required for some regions.
  • All ICC T20 world cup updates.
  • Watch the T20 WorldCup live.
  • No third-party app is required.
  • No fees or hidden charges.
  • SuppoThopLive TV all Android smartphones.
  • No need to root the phone.
  • User friendly.
  • Small in size.
  • Very easy to install.

How to download thobtv pro?

To download thobtv pro apk you have to follow the steps given below. Then you can download this app. Our website gives you a very simple and very easy downloading option. Here you can download it with one click.

  1. Click on the button above to download this app.
  2. The link takes 15 seconds to create.
  3. Once the link is created, click on it.
  4. This will automatically start downloading.
  5. This is a lightweight app that will be downloaded in a few moments.
  6. If you are a PC user, you can also download this app for your PC.
  7. For Download thoptv on pc visit here.


Thoptv is not working

If this app is not working on your device, check to see if you are using the latest version of Thoptv. If not, download the latest version of this app, and install it on your smartphone.

Why thoptv is not working in my region?

This app has been banned for different regions due to copyrights, and you may be in the same region. The best way to handle this is to use a good and fast VPN.

Is thoptv mod apk is safe?

Yes! This app is very safe, you can use this app on any device. Whether it is Android users, PC users or Apple users, this app is available to all users and also provides safe and secure service.

How to install thobtv pro?

  1. Be sure to follow the steps below to install this app.
  2. First, click on the downloaded thobtv pro apk.
  3. If you have turned off the unknown source installation, turn it on.
  4. Go to your mobile settings and go to the security option and enable unknown source app installation permission.
  5. After that, the app will start the installation automatically.
  6. This app does not work in some regions. If you are in the same region, and you have the same problem.
  7. So, you can download any good VPN and connect it with any fast server.
  8. After that, open and use thobtv pro.


In the above article, all aspects of thobtv pro are highlighted with clarity. Which will make it easier for you to understand this app. After commenting on all the topics of thobtv pro, we came to the conclusion that it is a free IPTV app full of amazing features which are undoubtedly full of amazing features.

This app is no less than a gift for a TV lover.  THOPTV pro APK is one of the many online streaming apps. Provides access, you can enjoy live ThopLive TV pro, movies, dramas, cartoons, and news. There is also a radio service that allows you to listen to local programs and songs.

However, THOPTV APK is a free license-free app that you can easily download from our website proapkmode.

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