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v1.0 for android

sniffies app is the best app for gays and bi men, download & install sniffies app for android free from our website. you can also get sniffies app ios file from here
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v1.0 for android
MAY 14 2022
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Sniffies app review

Sniffies app for android is a modern map-based app where different people can meet and talk to each other. As you know, today is the age of social media and we spend most of our daily life on social media platforms.  like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tiktok, and countless other social apps, where people from all over the world can chat and express their opinions.

But there are many restrictions on these platforms and the rules have to be followed. As a result, people cannot express their views well. Also, since most of the things on these social sites are public, we can’t hide our secrets from people. There are other reasons why we want access to platforms where we can share our feelings in the right way.

The Sniffles app is also a platform where gays can chat, meet each other and share their feelings. In earlier times it was not appropriate to mention bi or gay. was considered taboo. But nowadays boys get married to each other and girls also get married to each other. But in most areas, this thing is still considered taboo because of which they can not express their feelings and Only you can find your partners on other social networks.

That’s why the Sniffles app was created, where only gays who are looking for their partners create their profiles.

What is Sniffies app?

Sniffles is an app where gay bi and curious guys can meet. This app is dedicated to those people. Where they can express their feelings in the right way and also remove their frustration.

This is a map-based meetup app that gives you instant search and provides information about nearby sniffies friends. This not only makes it easier for the boys to find their boyfriend but also gives them information about their location etc. And you also get information about active users and active groups.

In addition to this, there are many other features in this app that help you to find your partner very easily.

Sniffies app screenshots:

sniffies app for android

Features of the Sniffies app

Map-based cruising

This is one of the best features of this app is that with the help of this feature you can easily find your friend and on the map, you are provided profile photos of countless other guys from which you can choose your favorite guy. Talk to him, send him a friend request. There is also the option of a nearby search where you can find your partner in your area.

With this modern map-based meetup app, guys can quickly find other guys and express their feelings without difficulty. You don’t have to worry about whether he’s like you or not, because on other social networks you can’t easily identify your type of servant. But at you don’t have to worry about that. Only people who are looking for bi come here.

Be seen and seen

As with other sites, privacy is paramount on this site. You can hide your real identity here. And you can also hide your real location through the pseudo location. You can create your own location on the map and you can’t see the other guys unless they allow it. But most of these features are only available to Sniffles plus members. If you need Sniffles premium features then you need to get plus membership in this app and then access other premium features.

Upload a picture

The Sniffles app gives you the option to upload your photos. You can upload a picture for your Sniffles profile here. You can upload any type of photo here. Even nudity is also allowed here, which is why you can’t get this app on play store.

So, you can put a custom picture on the profile. Try to choose an attractive and muscular body photo that will look at you.

Set hosting status

You can change the hosting status at will. Here you will see guys with an orange ring on their profile, which means that the guy has set the hosting status. Which you can change by going to your profile.

Chat indefinitely

Like other social media sites, the sniffies app also allows you to chat, which allows you to talk to other people, approve them and even offer friendships.

Of course, whether he is on your friend list or not, you can click on the profile of any of the servants and by clicking on the chat button you can message them directly and make a meetup plan.

The servant you are talking to has a blue ring on the profile of that servant on the map. You can also see the unread messages of that guy, and your chat list contains the chats of all the guys you have chatted with.

If you do not chat with a slave for more than two months, the chat will automatically become inactive and deleted. If you want to continue chatting with them, you have to pin them.

Host or join sniffies groups

On this app you will see that different people have created groups. They are hosting those groups. You can join those groups or you can create your own group.

Live play sniffies

Sniffies live-play is available here, where you can video chat with each other. That way you can better understand each other and share your feelings properly.

With the Live play sniffies app, you can not only entertain your friend but also know the meetup plan and other things. The funny thing is that you don’t face any restrictions here, here you can do adult activities with each other, and you can also share your adult content, photos, and videos. With which you can cruise any guy.

Made for easy Cruising

Of course, it is human nature to need a life partner, because our creation is such that we need another servant in our life. We cannot suppress our desires even if we want to. Our physical constitution and characteristics are such that we have to fulfill our physical needs.

If for some reason we are not able to meet our physical needs, then our body is not able to function properly. So, having a life partner is also important in our life. It is a different matter that they meet this need in some way. So, sniffies play an important role in fulfilling your desire to fulfill the most important need of your life.

This app connects people from all over the world, which gives you a wide range and also different types of people. This means that no matter where you are in the area, you can find your partner there and choose anyone according to your test. You can chat with him, persuade him to cruise, and make a plan, after which you can easily cruise anywhere.

So, it is made according to your nature, here you are provided with amazing features. This app provides tools that help you achieve your relationship goals, find your perfect match, and at the same time fulfill your desires.

You do not need any registration or subscription to get all these features and tools. Access to all the features here is absolutely free. But if you want to get more premium features, you can buy their monthly and yearly plans.

So, what are you waiting for? Now click on the download button above so that you can download the sniffies app and install it on your android smartphone. Sniffies app ios versions are also available for which you have to go to and go to the sniffies app ios option and click on sniffies app ios download link so that you can also get this app on your ios or Apple phone.

So, Sniffies app is by far the biggest and best platform where gay, LGBT, homosexuals and bi men can easily find partners for themselves. This app is one of the best gay apps you will ever get on the internet right now

Here guys can have fun with other guys, do hookups and create casual relationships. This app is very well designed and exceeds the expectations of gays.

install sniffies app for android

How to download sniffies app for android? is the official website of this app, you can easily download Sniffies app for android or sniffies app ios. If you wanna download Sniffies form here, you have to follow the given steps.

1- Download Button

First, Find the download button here on our site proapkmode. The download button is given above next to a featured picture of this app, click on that button. This will redirect you to another page, here you have to wait for 15seconds, after the timer ends, the download link will generate. Click on that link, this will automatically start downloading. Wait for this app to complete on your device.

2- Device File Manager

After completely download Sniffies app for android, Goto to your android file manager. Search for a recently downloaded file. Here you will find the apk file of this app. If you are downloading for an IOS device, repeat the same procedure.

How to Install Sniffies app?

For the installation of Sniffies app, Follow the given steps carefully.

  • First of all, Find the sniffies app download apk file.
  • After finding the downloaded apk file of Sniffies.
  • Click on that apk file, or Open it from its menu.
  • This will automatically start the installation.
  • But, Make sure you have enabled the unknown source option.
  • If this option is not enabled, go to your device settings.
  • Here goto to security settings.
  • Click on the unknown source application.
  • Enable this option by checking it.
  • Now you can easily install Sniffies app on an android device.
  • Follow, Instructions while installing this app.
  • After the installtion is compelte.
  • Click that app to open.
  • download sniffies app for android

How to use Sniffies apk app?

If you are already a user of sniffies app then you can easily use this app, and if someone is new to this gay app. This hookup app is easy for them too.

  1. when you enter this app, You will see all the gay profiles on a given map.
  2. You can also make your profile.
  3. You can put an attractive picture on your dp.
  4. You can Enable location or disable it.
  5. You can hide your data from the public or show them to the public it’s upon you.
  6. For more important features you have to buy plans.
  7. Otherwise, the given features are free to access.


Is Sniffies.Com map app apk free to use?

Yes, this app is absolutely free to use, this app won’t charge a single penny. But it has some plans you have to buy if you want. is not working?

This is because maybe the app you are using is outdated, you have to update Sniffies app to the latest version, The sniffles app latest version will work perfectly on your device, All the bugs and errors are fixed in the latest version. sent an invalid response.

This issue comes when you are from that region that is not allowed to use this app. To access this app you have to install the best VPN app on your device. Make sure it’s safe and secure, Do this activity at your own risk.

How Do I Update Sniffies.Com Map App APK?

To update this map-based hookup app, you have to come on our website again and search for this app, you will get the latest and updated version here on our site. This app is a third-party app, so, the problem is it doesn’t update automatically. So you have to search for the updated file and download that latest app, then install it on your device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sniffies.Com Map App APK


  • This app is free to use
  • This app provides a safe and secure service.
  • Easy to access all features.
  • Free sniffies app download from its official site.
  • The installation process is very simple.
  • It also provides third-party ads-free service.
  • No annoying will be shown.
  • It secures your locations.
  • No need to sign in or register to access this app’s features.
  • No subscription is required


  • This app is a third-party app.
  • It does not automatically update
  • These types of apps are not usually accepted by google.
  • This app is not suitable for slow internet.

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As we scrutinized all the aspects and features of sniffies app apk in detail and in a good way we came to the conclusion that sniffies app provides a very nice and secure place for gays and bi men. Where they can fulfill their desires psychological and other factors.

This is the best gay hookup app you will get from here for free, This sniffies app for android provides a more secure and fast service.

So download sniffies app for android now and enjoy your life. For more such apps and services, be sure to visit our website, and don’t forget to give us your feedback. For more updates visit sniffies official. Sniffies ios app is also available here. Go to or to get sniffies app for iphone.


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